VP of Instructional Divisions (6U - 10U)

Information on the VP of Instructional position

Updated Monday December 10, 2018 by Spokane Valley Girls Softball Association.

VP of Instructional Divisions (Board of Directors) is the individual that oversees our 12U - 18U Divisions.  It is a 2 year position that is up for election in even numbered years.  The next time the position is open for election is after the 2018 season.

The Vice-President of the instructional league has oversite of the 6, 8 and 10U divisions.  His/her main responsibility is to be the point of contact for those divisions coaches and teams.  The VP works with the coaches and board of directors in making sure we the coaches are following the bylaws and constitution to the best of their ability.  

The VP is a point of contact for coaches and works with them as a well as the Board of Directors on any league business that happens in season in those 3 Divisions.  The VP of is responsible for finding coaches should there be any shortfalls in volunteers.  


Volunteer Time Commitment:

August - December : 2 to 3 hours a month to attend league Board meetings to prepare for the upcoming season.

January- March : 4 to 5 hours a month to attend the biweekly Board Meetigs.

April - May: 8 to 10 hours to attend meetings, work on team rostering and contacting parents to find any team who may be missing a coach.  The VP of Instructional also leads and directs our 6U to 10u clinic/meet your coach night.

June - July : 20 hours each month (at the fields)During league games the VP will need to be in attendance for one night a week to be the league representative and to have closing responsibilities at the end of the night.